Hosted PBX

We currently have all the tools needed to provide call center or remote call center services. These tools include telephone center and network call center software, telephone line service portal and cloud PBX completely online and self-service, and the possibility of providing the necessary communications with the cooperation of active operators in Iran.

Hosted PBX services in general

Providing multi-tenant call center and cloud phone line services because in this method the type and quality of the user's connection with the central server is very diverse and it generally happens through the Internet, it may be associated with the risk of quality loss, and for this reason, we are We test and comprehensively check the existing facilities and infrastructure and ensure the existence of the minimum necessary to start providing services.

Dedicated Hosted PBX services

  Providing single-tenant and dedicated call center and cloud phone line services is currently possible, and Gordon software development workshop provides these types of services in enterprise server rooms and standard data centers. In this type of service, we usually use optical fiber links, radio, etc., taking into account backup routes for communication.


لطفا اطلاعاتی در خصوص نیاز خود بطور مثال شامل تعداد خط ورودی، نوع خطوط، تعداد اپراتور و سیستم فعلی (در صورت وجود) وارد نمایید.