Reports and advanced management panel, call path analysis

Connection to CRM and IT system and intelligent management of calls

Separation, monitoring and management of call queues

Unified Communications

Reducing the cost of human resources, increasing customer satisfaction

Voice, video call, chat, intelligent answering robot, reports panel, professional monitoring and management, etc.

Intelligent distribution of calls between multiple servers

Professional alarm monitoring and setting tool

Automated and intelligent call and response scenarios

Capable and accurate in more than 1000 simultaneous calls

They have chosen us

Supporting startups

Special offers for new startups

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Contact Center Software

Ring's advanced call center software, capable of high simultaneous calls, suitable and cost-effective for startups

Cloud Contact Center
Hosted PBX

Telephone line and call center software with the possibility of management and use via the Internet

Virtual Office
Virtual Office

Remote Working and Unified Communication Solution

Software Development

Customization of existing software and development of IP-PBX VoIP and Unified Communication tools

SIP Trunk & Phone Number

SIP Trunk & Phone Number


Suitable for organizations and companies with advanced features and tools

Where did we start?

The core of our team has an average of more than 15 years of experience at the first level VoIP Industry (VoIP Software) and the communication and information technology industry in general. Cooperation with Iran's top VoIP operators and fixed and mobile communication operators, data centers and internet providers has made us understand the conditions, possibilities and limitations of the country's communication infrastructure and try to be a leader in the field of IP-PBX VoIP Unified Communications software.

IP-PBX , Unified Communications , توسعه ابزار دورکاری و خدمات از راه دور , VoIP

The idea of ​​IP-PBX software or VoIP phone center

The idea of ​​Vip call center software came to our mind in the first years and soon became a product. Our IP-PBX Software Over time, it was able to compete with famous and traditional PBX telephone centers and free VIP software and get good feedback. We improved and optimized the IP-PBX software core, which was selected from the most reliable open source sources. In fact, we succeeded by removing a series of limitations and weaknesses of the core and adding a series of features that we were sure would be welcomed based on our knowledge of the Iranian vape market and the needs of the customer, turning it into a VoIP Software Flexible, capable, native, suitable, economical and one of the most complete and best VoIP software in Iran.

Competency of our IP-PBX software

The enhanced core of our economic IP-PBX software reached a level of capability with the effort and round-the-clock programming and development that managed to manage a significant number of simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls with minimal weakness and quality reduction. The new conditions of the business and organizational ecosystem in Iran have made the role of communication tools with customers and audiences and even communication tools between employees much more colorful than before. In fact, this work does not come from simple software anymore. The quality of the call center software was one of the most colorful needs of the market under the high simultaneous call load, which few software can handle. Our call center software was able to reach an acceptable level in this field and gradually became more secure and reliable.

IP-PBX , Unified Communications , توسعه ابزار دورکاری و خدمات از راه دور , VoIP

Cost reduction tools

Advanced tools also we added it to the software. Such as queue monitoring and intelligent alarm settings, diverse and effective reports, automatic dialer with a list of numbers that could be taken from CRM or automatically answer a number of calls. tracking code module, etc., all of which significantly reduced costs and saved resources for our customers.

VoIP call center or customized VoIP Unified Communications IP-PBX software!

In addition to all this, we tried to be highly flexible in customizing the call center software, which is now called Gardoon Contact Center Software It was known to have This feature was highly needed by the large and traffic-heavy call centers of our country with completely different needs.

IP-PBX , Unified Communications , توسعه ابزار دورکاری و خدمات از راه دور , VoIP

The trust of big brands was hard to get, but we succeeded

From here on, without doing a special advertisement, the elders chose our software! This success was achieved only through continuous efforts focused on the quality of the call center software and the positive and real feedbacks and the kindness of our customers. The reception and trust in Ring by large public and private call centers and especially famous startups has been encouraging.

New experience of Virtual Office, development of remote working tools and remote services

In Gerdon software development workshop, we have always tried to provide useful and effective VoIP-based telephone communication tools to our customers. But now the requests are more diverse and complicated. We also adapted ourselves. We have added instant text messaging or chat to Ring's IP-PBX call center. A number of social networks such as Telegram were also added. And now we are developing a kind of remote communication platform focusing on the field of medicine and counseling. In this platform, for example, audio and video communication between consultant and audience or doctor and patient is established remotely, and tools such as chat, whiteboard, files and records, referral process to other consultants and doctors, etc. are available to them.
We are ready to develop this type of virtual office software for any field and industry, relying on our experience and past and in the direction of our goals. Just share your ideas and needs with us so that we can give you a free consultation and define the software development project together.

Our current products and services

It is natural that we have a special bias on the IP-PBX software of the call center or Vip call center. And take it with you Additional plugins we provide advanced reports, monitoring, SMS connection, chat, caller and auto-responder, etc. We also provided the possibility of trunk and fixed phone numbers. Especially for startups and businesses for whom the speed of launch and low cost are very important. Soon and after the final test, the new Cloud Hosted PBX and self-service and completely online services will be added to our services.

Guide to choosing the best VoIP software

IP-PBX , Unified Communications , توسعه ابزار دورکاری و خدمات از راه دور , VoIP

Our mission, responsibility and dream!

Our mission is to produce or use any tool that is within our professional and executive power on the network and internet platform. With this, customers and businesses communicate with each other more easily and cheaply. From a simple software iPhone to artificial intelligence robots. If we do this mission well, we will not only generate income, but we will be able to help anyone who has an idea in his mind and wants to start a business to start more easily. All counseling, treatment and maybe training can be done remotely and businesses and their customers will be happier!
Our dream, along with producing and providing IP-PBX VoIP Unified Communications software, is to reach the position of the best and most complete and perhaps the first unified communication solution in the literal sense of the word in Iran.

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