SIP Trunk

نرم افزار ویپ هوشمند ایرانی

You can entrust us with all the steps of installing and setting up an advanced call center, including the provision of telephone lines with Rand numbers and communications such as SIP Trunk.

This possibility is especially attractive and practical for startups and companies and organizations in general who need a call center very quickly and of course do not want to spend their resources and time on the infrastructure provisioning procedures for these services.

Currently, it is possible to provide landline and SIP trunk services through the following operators:


لطفا اطلاعاتی در خصوص نیاز خود بطور مثال شامل تعداد خط ورودی، نوع خطوط، تعداد اپراتور و سیستم فعلی (در صورت وجود) وارد نمایید.